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I get asked this at least once (sometimes 10 times) almost every weekend. This is because South Florida has a frequent scenario of 30%-40% chance of rain. Lots of people don’t really pay attention to that very often, until they have a party planned for that day, and then they tend to fret. Here are some things to consider:

1. A 30% chance of rain means that there is a 70% chance of no rain. 

2. Look at what kind of rain is being called for. Are we talked about a 90% chance of drizzle for an hour or two? Or are we talking heavy chance of several inches all day?

3. Children can still use the inflatable in the rain, provided that there is no lightning. (In fact, most bouncers have a roof which keeps the inside pretty dry.)

4. Usually, if it does rain (hard), it does not rain for long. If you would not want the children using it in the rain, then they can use it after the rain passes (which usually is 10-30 minutes).

5. We are able to deliver rain or shine. (About one or two weekends out of the year, we do have to not hold events due to very high winds.)

Bounce houses sometimes will tip over, roll over or even blow away for the following reasons.


1. Inadequate tethering measures.

Some companies do not use stakes, or the stakes that they use are too small. This is the most common reason for wind mishaps with inflatables.

2. Cheap Inflatables.

There are some very cheap inflatables on the market today that are being sold in retail stores and even rented by some companies. These inflatables tether points are not strong enough to withstand strong winds and would break free if left inflated in strong winds. This is just another reason why quality matters. 

3. Improper Usage

Some people are not responsible with inflatables, and they do not deflate them when winds are extremely severe. This raises the risk of an incident greatly. All inflatables should be deflated if winds are picking up past 20 MPH.

We do e-signature and payment prior to delivery, which helps us to streamline our delivery process. If we miss you at delivery, no problem. (Just leave the gate unlocked for us, and put the dog away!)

If cancellation is done by at least the day before delivery, the deposit (or payment) can be used towards any future event. If cancellation is performed on the day of delivery, but before the delivery/install (which may be up to 1 calendar day before the actual rental date) up to 50% of the total balance will still be required. (If item has already been delivered/installed then 100% of balance is owed regardless of any cancellation request.) 

We collect a 50 dollar deposit via credit card to hold your equipment for your event date.

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